SHMUP stands for Shoot'em-up, a type of game in which the game "SHMUP" falls under.

This game was developed by Anthony Harris and Eric Chang for INFO-1213.

It was built using the HTML 5 Canvas API, and is written entirely in Javascript. The project has evolved over the last few weeks as the developers gained experience in structuring game code and handling different aspects of game physics.

The main challenges of this project all involved getting the different sprites to move in different ways. The player sprite is controlled via a keyboard, the blue ship follows wave pattern, and the saucer travels on a parabolic arc. Each of these presented different challenges, but thanks to a modular design philosophy each different entity type has all of its logic (including its configurable settings) stored in its own JavaScript file, indepenent of the main game code and other entities.

Thanks to this design pattern, the different entities can each have their own movement schemes and behaviours be as simple or complex as a developer wishes while keeping the code clean and maintainable.

All images can be found here.

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